Founded in April 2017, Signing Away Hunger is a nonprofit organization with the goal of helping to create a brighter future for inner city youth by alleviating food insecurities. We do this through sales and auctions of signed memorabilia with the profits going to supply food pantries which directly support students in our communities.
If you're checking out our website, there's a good chance
you're thinking of donating autographed items for auction
or looking to purchase an autograph to feed hungry kids.
Either way, it means you are an amazing human being
and we can't wait to help you help others! 
Here's a look at some of our past auctions!



Signing Away Hunger set up at Indy Pop Con 2017 in July and collected donations and canned goods to supply our food pantry. 


The convention was a huge success! 

Not only did we see some great friends, meet new convention industry pros, and collect donations, we also got some AMAZING autographs for future auctions!


Plus, we got to show off "Marvin" the replica Gibson ES-345 from Back To The Future - currently in the collection of Signing Away Hunger CEO Gregg Nowling.

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